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Dogs have hearts too! If you are a health cautious individual then you know that a good diet and exercise  are they key to a healthy lifestyle. Well guess what, good diet and exercise is the  key to your dog’s health also. Just like people dogs are prone to obesity , heart disease, arthritis , and other age related disease, So be pro-active in your dog’s health, Not always do we have time to walk our canine friends, and as they age losing mobility is difficult , we offer a exercise plan to help maintain healthy heart and joints,  Our thread mill workouts and floor exercises along with our therapeutic bath  is all put together to make a fun work out environment for you dog.  (Please consult with you vet for health conditions before starting program)  Dogs who had surgery has to be cleared by a vet before starting the  program.Each dog is unique, and a specialized exercise program will be developed for him or her accordingly. Treadmill sessions last a half hour and are $45 for each session. Discount packages are available.

Relieves boredom and releases excess energy.

OBESITY – Tread and Trim Program

Tread and Trim Program Utilizing the treadmill is a safe aerobic exercise that burns calories and maintains your dog’s proper weight. Exercise is an important part of every weight reduction program. The treadmill is particularly useful for the obese dog with chronic arthritis in which normal exercise is difficult. Losing excess pounds and beginning an exercise program may add years to your pet’s life.

After surgery or an injury, the lack of activity can allow muscles to waste away.  This phenomenon called atrophy is common in humans and dogs. The treadmill can rebuild muscle mass in as little as 3-4  sessions. Ligaments, tendons and muscles stretch out of their contracted state while they are moving in a non-weight environment. Dysplasia/Cruciate Ligament Exercising in the treadmill increases muscle tone and strengthens tissues so further deterioration of the hip joints are reduced. Exercise in the treadmill is also beneficial pre or post surgery to assist with your dog recovery. If your dog has a medical condition, please consult with your vet before starting an exercise program. Therapeutic bath increases joint range of motion, reduces stiffness, swelling, circulation, provides relaxation (prices vary)Treadmill sessions last half hour and are $45 for each session (extra charge for training your canine friend to use treadmill please consult trainer)


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