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We don’t just groom….. we Style!

Grooming not only makes your pet look good , it makes them feel good!. Our licensed groomer provides quality and consistency to your pet’s grooming, while maintaining meticulous attention to detail and creating a fun, friendly , environment for you pet. We only use the finest products to enhance your pet’s coat, therefore maintaining an optimum appearance.

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Spa Bath
Pamper massage bath
Includes the Following
Anal glands expressed
Ears cleaned
Hand blow drying
Nails clipped and filed

Mini Groom
Is a slight trim up around the face, paws, tail and sanitary area. It’s also a vital. & Cost efficient way of keeping your dog looking his/her best between full grooms.
Includes the following
Anal Gland expressed
Hand blow dry
Ears cleaned and plucked
Trim on face, pads, sanitary, feathers and tail
Nail Dremel
Matted dogs will require a full groom

Full Groom Service
Hair cut to specific style or breed standard
Pricing based on breed, size, coat condition and length.

Includes the following
Brush and pre-clip
Facial Wash
Hand blow drying
Anal glands expressed
Ears cleaned and Plucked
Nail Dremel
Paw Treatment
Sanitary, pads, skirt and tail trimmed
Hair cut to style
Additional cost may apply for hand scissoring or de-matting

Upgrade your package and get three great services for only $10 more!

• Teeth Brushing
• Upgraded shampoo (Oatmeal/medicated)
• Paw Treatment

Pamper your k9 friend-

Le pooch VIP vitamin Enriched Shampoo/Conditioner                                 $3.50
Le Pooch vitamin Enriched Shampoo/Conditioner                                        $2.00  

Luxury shampoo made for him/her enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and a delightful fragrance. Aloe Vera recognized as natures premier moisturizer, will soothe and condition your pets skin. Deep penetrating vitamins will nourish your dogs coat from the root of the hair, resulting in a longer lasting, healthier look.

Isle of dog Primrose oil Triple Strength shampoo/conditioner                   $2
Isle of dog Primrose oil shampoo /conditioner                                            $2

An ultra-rich shampoo for supplying a therapeutic dose of skin-nourishing and moisture- replenishing essentials fatty acids to your dogs coat. Also designed for itchy , flaky, or dry skin while restoring skin hydration and a healthy shinny coat

Primrose oil conditioning mist                                                                         $2

This conditioning mist contains Evening Primrose Oil and herbal extracts that combine to soothe skin, alleviate flakes and add shine to any coat.  This product is great for brushing between baths

*Please Note: Prices vary; although we try our utmost to stay within the ranges above (we won’t charge if there is no need) additional charges may apply for pets with little to no grooming experience, extremely difficult handling requirements, biting, scratching, & extremely matted coats (puppies/seniors may be $10 more. We appreciate your honesty about your pet’s behavior which enables us to better care for your pet and give you a more accurate quote upon your arrival. Thank you for your understanding; we look forward to meeting you.

A la Carte

Anal Glands
Nail Grinding                        
Nail Clipping                        
Nail Painted                         
Temporary Tattoo                
Blueberry facial

Additional Services

Medicated /Flea bath         
Teeth Brushing

Oral irrigation Cleansing Treatment
A NON- anesthetic pet dental cleaning Treatment. Target to help improve tar build up, bleeding gums, foul mouth odor .
3 months
5 month

Plaqclinz gel

Monthly charges are based on each month that passed due to calculus build up resulting in additional labor resulting In higher charge.

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